Thursday, April 05, 2007


The other evening, one of my young neighbours of the male persuasion remarked that my ensemble looked like an attempt on my part to look 20 years younger. I considered his remark and came to the conclusion that whilst I am 60, I certainly don’t want to look like I’m 40. Who would? If I were trying to look younger, I’d at least aim for the vicinity of the 30s. Looking younger is not the motivating factor when I put together an ensemble; looking weirder… yes, looking totally inappropriate… oh my I really do hope so.

And so I have kept the implicit vow I made when I wrote
  • I’m Ready For My Close Up

  • Ah ha, you say, just what were you wearing that prompted your neighbour’s remark? I’ll say it again, boys n ‘ girls, I’m 60 so I’m pretty much guessing, as the days n’ nights do tend to run together, but I believe it was black (but of course) knee length trousers…yes the legs are still long and shapely… black leather platform wedges with the de rigueur pointed toes ( I do find it difficult to find exciting shoes here, as much as I like black it just gets a bit dull when that is the only colour on offer)… and a red (surprised you didn’t I? but it is the perfect shade of blue red) cotton camisole-styled top with hanging metal bits just under the low cut bust line, which perfectly showcase my tattooed puppies.

    There you go; I’ll leave it up to you. Am I mutton dressed as lamb or will the real Bette O’ please stand up?


    Crocadilla said...

    amazing how subversive it is to be a sexual creature at sixty...this is why I love you..rock on Ms O

    Crocadilla said...

    I cannot find a button to subscribe to your blog. Where is it? :((

    Bette O'Callaghan said...

    I just saw something on the bottom of the page. I really never post to this blog anymore so probably not worth while subscribing.

    Cheers for the lovely comment darlin'.