Sunday, October 30, 2005


The death toll for US soldiers killed in Iraq has just reached 2,000. I couldn't find a definitive figure for the British but according to a BBC on-line article published today, the British death toll is rising. Please go to the poetry link for my thoughts on the war and the US.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mothers n' Daughters

I've got a case of mood poisoning.

It must have been something I hate.

Bad start to the day, a bit of yellin' n' suggestions I move on. Sometimes its tough livin' together, for a mum n' a daughter.

Thea summed it up best like this...

I always thought someday there would be someone in my life who would walk in my house and say, honey I'm home, I just didn't think it would be my mother.

Monday, October 17, 2005


Went on a road trip out to the Hill Country on Friday night. Of course we were in a pick up truck, would there be any other vehicle acceptable for bar hoppin’ in Texas? First destination Dave’s Damn Bar, a dive biker bar so I was told……… but noooooo, its now an up market place, the Detour, with a very few forlorn bikers hangin’ in the parking lot. Had a bit of a barney with one of the patrons as he was sittin’ outside with his SUV open n’ the feckin’ football game blastin’. He turned it way down… oh how persuasive I can be. Not lovin’ that place, it was back in the truck headin’ for Aunt Tilly’s which is on Lake Travis. Excellent blues band playin’ there but no people. Votes were taken, I abstained as I didn‘t have a clue where I was, and counted. Decision made, we got back in the truck and drove hell bent for leather to Poodie’s Hilltop Bar & Grill. Oh joy, a bar where you can smoke inside, n’ excitement, there’re pool tables n’ a band playin’ damn fine music. Poodie is Willie Nelson’s manager n’ Willie lives nearby n’ often drops in. Bummer, Willie and Poodie were on the road. There’s an appropriate prize for the first person who can name someone we all know n’ love who resembles Poodie’s silhouette (see picture above) minus the hat n’ long braid. Who could it be? Meanwhile back in the bar, one of the ladies in our group had attracted a cowboy n’ after Texas two steppin’ her across the dance floor a few times, he invited her to play pool. I was enjoyin’ the music, suckin’ back long neck bottles of Lone Star, n’ chain smoking’ when somehow I got hooked up with a Norwegian lad (don’t know what he was doin’ in Texas but he did say he was only there for a couple of days) for doubles n’ I’m proud to say we seriously whupped Texas ass at the pool table. So that would be Europe 1 - Texas 0. Damn I’m mean. Now for those of you who are gonna be really picky about this, yes I am a Yank, however, since I learned to shoot pool in London, I’m gonna claim a place on the scorecard, in the rack n’ balls game, on the European side. Can y’all get with that?

Friday, October 14, 2005


Good evening, my name is Bette O'Callaghan and I'm ringing you this evening because you support the arts.

Okay people, this is your opportunity to jump in and tell me that you are not an arts supporter or you don't have any money to donate. Really, I mean I hang up on people like me all the time, its okay with me. You can't believe how boring it is for me to go through the whole thing before you fess up. Trust me (I know for those of you who know me, those are two very scary words) honestly, really truly I would rather you hung up on me. Yeah, I will probably mutter nasty things about you under my breath, after you have done so, but then we will both feel better.

Thank you for listening.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


When y'all get a minute, check out the new poetry link, yes there it is, just to the right side of the page, under Gigs. Do ya see it? Cool dudes, then click on it for the giggle.

Friday, October 07, 2005


Me n' my new bloke gettin' pissed

I really didn' t think I was gonna have to write this, livin' in Austin - the land of searing temperatures - but I walked out of work last night, yes I have a part time job - raising funds for a centre for the performing arts, and it was near on freezing outside. So there I was, pretty much dressed for the stupid hot weather, which had instantly turned ridiculously cold and froze my ass off, almost literally, waiting for the bus. The good news is, now that I'm working I bought a monthly(that would be 31 days, thank you) bus pass - $10.00 - can y'all in the UK feckin' believe it?

I am very excited as I have discovered the shops here that specialise in the Mexican festival of El Dia de los Muertos, The Day of the Dead, merchandise. I am in skull heaven and financial hell as I can't at the moment afford to buy much of anything, but dudes when I get the money I'll be stockin' up on all that amazing skull merchandise. At the moment I'm particularly jonesin' for a childs set of My First Day of The Dead Collection, decorated mug, plate and bowl. I absofuckin'lutely must be the first on my block to have one!

Speaking of decorating, the Yanks (yeah that characterisation would include me) continue to amaze me with their devotion to all things gaudy. The entire buidling where Thea lives has been decorated for halloween, mind you I'm lovin' the skull in our little veranda area. There are an amazing number of houses with lighted decorations covering the entire exterior. I thought someone had got out their Xmas stuff early, but nooooooooo, it appears they decorate for everything here. It does make me wonder (surprisingly as I'm not very green) about the reckless use of resources, which are being depleted rather needlessly.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Need I say more?


I don't think this has anything to do with the US in particular but everything to do with the sort of place Austin is. After years of walkin' around with my hand on my bag, gettin' mugged at the Tube station for what they thought was my wallet, gettin' my mobile ripped out of my hand on the train, havin' the fabulous ciagrette case I bought in Edinburgh slipped out of my pocket on the train and havin' my flat broken into; I have landed up somewhere totally different. Wow Dorothy we may be in Oz after all.

When I go to my local coffee place Flipnotics to get on line, remember this is free if you have a wireless connection, I walk onto the porch, pick a table and leave my laptop on it while I go inside for my one cup of coffee, bottle of water whatever. Yes folks you can leave your laptop lying around and no one will touch it. You can buy just one drink and then spend the entire day sittin' there on line and no one will ask if you want more to drink or tell you they need the table. They provide handy plug in points so you don't even have to run down your battery. Okay, maybe I'm rapsodising overmuch about this but its just so damn different to London. No boys n' girls, I didn't say better, I said different.

Its also a real pleasure to be able to stroll around the neighbourhood at night, whilst I'm suckin' back those necessary fags, without worrying about being jumped. I've sat outside the flat till 4:30am writing on my laptop without any fear of being mugged or maimed, well at least by nothing human... the insect world, that's somethin' totally different.

As perhaps further evidence that Austin is open and friendly, The Austin Chronicle printed my letter. I would speculate that due to the content of the letter, there well may be many papers in the US who would either not print it, or print it with a note from the Editor saying if you don't like it, then leave.

Yeah, I'm in a mellow mood today, go figure. I'm gonna slip inside n' make some blueberry pancakes.

Check out my Gigs link for an on line 'zine, Humdinger, which has just published some of my poems.