Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Yes, it actually snowed in Austin today, I believe this is a once in a century sort of thing. We've had mostly icy rain and the entire city has closed down. No work for me tonight, whahey. I braved the very icy stairs from my veranda to the car park, clutching the equally icy railing and easing my way from step to step like a nonagerian. Went for a walk to the corner shop for, yes you guessed it... fags, when Baza spotted this miniature snowman on the hood of someone's car. Its been rather like having a snow day off from school today, I spent hours at my neighbour's playing Trivial Pursuit, I am indeed in the lead, we took a short break for dinner and I'll be heading back over as soon as I finish this to whip them youngin's asses. Its been fun but is meant to last for a few more days and I'm getting bored with the cold and rain which has restricted my frocks and shoes choices and left me swaddled in layers looking very much like those homeless souls who wear all their clothing at once as they are their own walking wardrobes.
Keep warm darlings if it is cold wherever you are.